How we evaluate your application

Gaining regular admission

Applicants that have met the proper high school requirements may obtain automatic admission to the University by meeting the Regular Admission Requirements below. Those applicants who do not meet these standards will be considered for admission under our Alternative Admission Procedure (see below).

The SAT scores reflected in the tables below include the combination of the Critical Reading and Math Sections. Our current test score requirements do not include the writing section component.

Class rank SAT Composite Score New Redesigned
Sat Composite
(March 2016
and forward)
ACT Composite Score
Top 25% No minimum* No minimum No minimum*
2nd Quarter 1000 1080 21
3rd Quarter 1100 1170 23
4th Quarter 1200 1270 27
*If you graduated in the top 25% of your high school class and successfully completed the required pre-college curriculum, you will gain automatic admission without minimum SAT or ACT score requirements. You are, however, still required to submit official scores on either exam to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions.

If you graduated in the top 25% and did not successfully complete a required pre-college curriculum or an equivalent, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • A minimum SAT score of 1500 out of 2400
  • Satisfy ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks (English-18, Reading-22, Mathematics-22, and Science-23) on the ACT assessment.

Didn't graduate, but got your GED?

All GED graduates are to present their State of Texas Official Certificate of High School Equivalency indicating a test passing status with a certificate issue date and certificate number. 

Holders of GED certificates who seek admission are also subject to Regular Admission Requirements as shown below:

SAT Composite Score             ACT Composite Score
1000                                        21

Those applicants who do not meet these standards will be considered for Conditional Freshman Admission. 

Conditional Freshman Admission

When you do not meet regular admission requirements, your application is considered for Conditional Admission. Our Undergraduate Admissions Committee (UAC) will convene early Spring semester to review your application and consider other factors in addition to your class rank and test scores, such as:

  • Participation in extracurricular activities, including evidence of leadership
  • Community service
  • Talents and awards
  • Extenuating circumstances
  • Employment, internships, and summer activities

Applicants who score below a 19 on the ACT, a 900 on the old SAT or a 970 on the new SAT are not eligible for Conditional Freshman Admission. Applications reviewed under this procedure are considered on a case-by-case basis. Click here to learn more.


Admission decisions