2019 Terms and Conditions 
of Students Participation in the
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi/Del Mar College VIP Program
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1) Intended Major Upon acceptance of the VIP offer, the student’s major will be changed to Undeclared in University College. Once the student successfully completes the VIP requirements, the student will have the opportunity to declare their major, assuming they meet all major and program requirements. Some majors may have additional application and/or requirements. Students admitted into the VIP program must identify an intended pathway at TAMU-CC prior to registration for their first academic term.


2) Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements   VIP students must maintain a minimum 2.0 institutional cumulative grade point average (GPA) at both Del Mar College and TAMU-CC. The GPA for each student will be calculated separately at each institution using the methodology and course work of the respective institution. Failure to maintain the 2.0 cumulative GPA at either institution will result in dismissal from the VIP program.


3) Credit Requirements  VIP have one full academic year (FALL, SPRING AND SUMMER term) to complete a minimum of 15 credit hours in residence transferrable coursework at Del Mar College. Developmental Coursework will not count towards the minimum credit hours you must earn at Del Mar College. VIP students may enroll in a maximum of 9 credit hours each semester at TAMU-CC for the FALL and SPRING semesters for a maximum total of 18 credit hours.

Full time status requirement: VIP students must enroll in a minimum of 12 college credit hours between the two institutions for FALL and SPRING semesters. Failure to maintain full-time enrollment will result in dismissal from VIP.

Enrollment requirement: For FALL and SPRING, each VIP student must enroll in a minimum of six college credits up to a maximum of 9 credits at TAMU-CC. The students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 college credit hours total between the two institutions. The remaining hours must be taken at Del Mar College.

The maximum semester credit hour enrollment for Summer I and Il sessions is 7 college credit hours at Del Mar College and 7 college credit hours at TAMU-CC. The maximum combined enrollment limit for VIP students in summer school is 14 semester college credit hours.

VIP students must select courses from the pre-approved pathways.

VIP students will enroll for courses at both institutions in accordance with published registration periods for VIP students.

4) Early Transition Opportunity   After completion of two or more semesters in the VIP program, a student may apply to a degree granting major via the TAMU-CC Change of Major Form if the student has: maintained a minimum 2.5 GPA at both institutions, achieved the minimum TAMU-CC GPA required by the major, and completed all other entry requirements for the major.   


5) Orientation  Students in VIP will be required to participate in, and pay any fees associated with, orientation programs at TAMU-CC and Del Mar College before beginning the program. Failure to register for, and attend, orientation at either institution will revoke the VIP offer made to the student.


 6) Texas Success Initiative  The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state-legislated program that requires students to be assessed in the areas of reading, writing, and math prior to enrolling at a Texas public institution. The results of the TSI assessment are used to determine your placement in certain courses and overall readiness to enroll in collegiate-level coursework.

• If you are an incoming freshman and have not been exempt or granted a waiver, you will need to be assessed through one of the approved TSI assessments and have your scores sent to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions. Your test scores must be on file with the Office of Recruitment and Admissions in order to be eligible to attend orientation and register for classes.

• For the purpose of registration eligibility, it is NOT required that you pass all evaluated portions of the TSI. Failure of any portion of the assessment will not inhibit your ability to register for orientation or classes. However, you will be required to complete any required developmental coursework at Del Mar College in order to successfully complete VIP. Del Mar College will be responsible for assuring a VIP student’s compliance with Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements and will provide remediation for any VIP student needing such additional course work.

•If you are TSI liable in any area, you will be required to meet with a CASA Success Coach on the TAMU-CC campus throughout the semester. You will have a hold on your account which will not allow you to register for the following semester unless you meet with CASA at least twice prior to registration.


7) Transportation  The TAMU-CC and Del Mar College campuses are approximately 5 miles apart. Transportation is not provided.


8) Tuition and Fees  VIP students will pay applicable fees and tuition to each institution and must meet the respective payment deadlines. Completion of the Financial Aid paperwork does not absolve the student of responsibility to meet tuition and fee deadlines at either institution. It is the student’s responsibility to make payment arrangements at both institutions.

TAMU-CC deadlines may not align with Del Mar College deadlines, therefore, you may be required to set up a payment plan or pay your tuition in full for Del Mar College prior to your financial aid refund being disbursed.

9) Student Records  VIP student’s academic records will be maintained and kept current at both institutions with appropriate periodic exchange of information between the two institutions as allowed under the law through the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). To facilitate the transfer of student records and appropriate application of course work toward the fulfillment of degree requirements, VIP students will be asked to sign a FERPA form that will permit the release of academic records and allow the bilateral sharing of those records between the two institutions.
At TAMU-CC a student in the VIP program will be identified using student attributes in the Banner Student Information System. At Del Mar College a student in the VIP program will be identified using a unique Student Type in the Colleague Student Information System.


10) Rule Compliance and Removal from Program  VIP students are expected to be knowledgeable about the TAMU-CC Student Code of Conduct and the Del Mar College Student Rules, and shall agree to comply with said rules.
A student who fails to complete VIP requirements may be dismissed from the VIP program. A student who violates TAMU-CC student rules is subject to sanctions outlined in the applicable rule(s) up to, and including dismissal from VIP or suspension from TAMU-CC.

  1. a) a. A student dismissed from the VIP Program for either academic or disciplinary reasons will no longer be eligible to continue enrollment at TAMU-CC, however, the student may continue at Del Mar College with the approval of
    Del Mar College officials and pursue future readmission to TAMU-CC, subject to the current readmission criteria
  2. b) A student not allowed to continue at Del Mar College will also not be allowed to continue at TAMU-CC.
  3. c) A VIP student appealing academic or disciplinary decisions will be directed to the institution under whose jurisdiction the matter falls, and will follow established procedures at that institution.
  4. d) Students may appeal VIP dismissal with documentation of extenuating circumstances. Appeals will be submitted to the Anchor Team advisor and will be reviewed by a University College Appeals committee.

 If a student voluntarily drops out of the VIP program, the student may pursue readmission to TAMU-CC the subsequent Fall semester. Students will be subject to the current admission criteria at time of application.
To the extent possible, all student services, student activities and student organizations, etc., will be available to VIP students at the respective institutions. Upon withdrawal from TAMU-CC, a student immediately forfeits access to services provided by TAMU-CC