Program for System Admission (PSA)

    The Program for System Admission (PSA) is an alternative admission program for selected students not offered freshman admission to Texas A&M University.  PSA provides students the opportunity to attend a Texas A&M University System institution with the goal of enrolling at Texas A&M in College Station after the successful completion of the first year.  untitled-1-recovered.png


Things to Know
The PSA program is for specific majors, requiring specific courses, specific GPAs, and other requirements in order to be eligible to transfer to TAMU. 


Once you have been offered the PSA program.
Accept the PSA offer and select TAMU-CC from the AIS site.  The TAMU Office of Admissions will send your application, high school transcript and test scores to TAMU-CC. You do not have to apply to TAMU-CC.  You will receive notification from TAMU-CC once your documents have been received and processed.