Where do I find my PSA plan?

  • To find your PSA plan go to, http://admissions.tamu.edu/psa . Under “Participating Colleges/Departments at Texas A&M University”, click on any of the colleges to see the list of PSA majors available. Make sure to select the academic year you are starting.

How do I interpret my PSA plan?

  • Every plan has required coursework and additional coursework. Each plan requires 24 hours to be taken at the system institution and requires a minimum of a 3.0 system institution GPA, as well as an overall 3.0 GPA. However, some plans require a 3.0 GPA within the required coursework, while other plans require a B or better on each of the required courses. Each college plan at TAMU is different, for example, the College of Engineering plan may require a higher system institution GPA than the others. Make sure to carefully read your plan.

Do I have to take my required classes at TAMU-CC?

  • No, however if you choose to take them elsewhere, make sure the courses will transfer. To find out if they will, click here. If you are planning to take a course, or have already taken one at another college, click on “Search by Sending Institution” and then select the subject. You will need to type the course number, click on “Get Equivalencies”, and compare the course taken to the TAMU course. If it matches on your PSA plan, then it will count for your required classes. If it does not match, please call the departmental contact information telephone number listed on your PSA plan.

Will my dual or AP credits count?

  • Yes and no. Each plan is separated into required and additional coursework. Required coursework has been deemed to be the most important for entrance into specific majors; therefore, TAMU needs to see a letter grade for these classes. Dual credit classes have letter grades, therefore they can count as required coursework and for additional coursework. However, AP credit does not have a letter grade so this can only be used in the additional coursework.

What is the difference between Calculus and Engineering Math?

  • There is no difference between Calculus and Engineering math. TAMU-CC uses the term Calculus and TAMU-College Station uses the term Engineering Math. Both are referring to MATH 2413.

Are there any pre-requisites for the required math classes?

    • Yes, however you must be “College Ready” in Math first. College Readiness is determined by your TSI status (click here for more information on exemptions). If you are not “College Ready”, then you will be required to take a developmetal math course, regardless of whether you meet any pre-requisites. If you are “College Ready” in math, these are the prerequisites:
      • For MATH 1324 and MATH 1325, you must must have ONE of the following prerequisites:
        • SAT Math score of 520 (if the test was taken before March 2016), or SAT Math score of 550 (if the test was taken after March 2016)
        • ACT Math score of 21
        • Pre-Calculus or higher in high school or College Algebra or higher.
      • For MATH 2413 and MATH 2414, you must have ONE of the following prerequisites: before the fall semester begins:
        • SAT Math score of 620 (if the test was taken before March 2016), or an SAT Math score of 640 (if the test was taken after March 2016.)
        • ACT Math score of 27
        • Have taken Calculus or higher in high school
        • Have taken College Pre-Calculus, Trig, or higher at the college-level
    TAMU-CC’s Academic Testing Office offers a math placement test for students who do not meet any of the above listed prerequisites. Click here to learn more.

What are the pre-requisites for University Physics?

  • If you are on a PSA plan that requires PHYS 2425 and PHYS 2426, and no other required science options, then you will need to complete college calculus (MATH 2413) before the fall semester. MATH 2413 is the prerequisite for PHYS 2425. If you are completing college calculus in the summer, please bring proof of enrollment to New Student Orientation so we can register you for PHYS 2425. Please note that your academic advisor cannot permit you into thecourse without this proof of enrollment. If you have AP credit for college calculus, you can enroll in PHYS 2425; but, you will still have to take college calculus if you are on a plan that requires it.

Do I need to take a First-Year Seminar?

  • Yes, all full-time, first-time in college students must take a First-Year Seminar course during their first 2 semesters at A&M-Corpus Christi- regardless of how many earned dual or AP credits. This is a one-hour class that will count toward the required 24 hours for the PSA program.

What will my TAMU-CC major be?

  • All PSA students will be listed as undeclared majors at A&M-Corpus Christi, and they will be advised through the Department of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS).

What do I bring to orientation?

  • Bring your official high school transcripts, official college transcripts, AP scores, and/or updated ACT/SAT scores, along with your PSA plan. We will most likely have this information, but bring it just in case so we can advise you appropriately and update any information.

Can I stay at TAMU-CC?

  • Yes, we would love for you to stay continue your education at TAMU-CC. Stop by the Department of Undergraduate Studies (DUGS), located in the Faculty Center, suite 148. We can help you!