Program for System Admission (PSA)

Texas A&M University in College Station (TAMU) receives numerous applications, and due to limited space, students are invited to participate in the PSA program.  Through the PSA option, selected students may enroll in one of the Texas A&M University System Institutions that participate in PSA, with the goal of returning to TAMU after successful completion of their first year in the PSA program.

What you need to know:

  • The PSA program is for SPECIFIC majors, requiring SPECIFIC courses, GPA, and other requirements in order to be eligible to return to TAMU as a PSA student.  For more information on the PSA requirements, visit .
  • After you complete the fall semester, a TAMUCC representative will contact you (by e-mail) to confirm your continued participation in the PSA program, AND the academic major that you are interested in pursuing at TAMU
  • TAMU will in turn be notified that you are still interested in continuing with the PSA program. During the spring semester, a representative from TAMU will contact you regarding deadlines and requirements. Strict deadlines apply!


After you have been offered the PSA program:

  • Log into TAMU’s Applicant Information System (AIS) portal, and select TAMUCC and a major from the list. Note: If TAMUCC is not listed as an option, then you do not meet the university’s automatic admission requirements; therefore, you will need to choose another system school.
  • After you have selected TAMUCC, the TAMU Office of Admissions will send your application, high school transcript and test scores to TAMUCC. You will receive notification from TAMUCC once your documents have been received and processed.


After you have been admitted to TAMUCC:

  • If applicable, submit your FAFSA to the Office of Student Financial Assistance. FAFSA code: 011161.
  • If applicable, apply for housing ASAP.  The application is available online at .
  • Submit proof of Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination to the Office of Recruitment & Admissions.
  • Register to attend a New Student Orientation session. For more information, visit  

It’s recommended that you attend an early orientation for the best selection of courses.  Remember, you must take courses specific to the PSA major you have chosen. It’s recommended that you bring a copy of your TAMU intended major (degree plan) with you to New Student Orientation.


Advising and Course Registration

  • You will register for courses at New Student Orientation. During New Student Orientation, a representative from the Islander Transition Center (ITC) will advise and register you for courses. Please refer all of your advising questions to the ITC advisors at 361-825-5931.
  • While you attend TAMUCC, you will be listed as an UNDECLARED MAJOR under the COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS.
  • Math and Physics courses have strict pre-requisites.  If you do not meet the pre-requisites, please make arrangements to take the required coursework during the summer, prior to the start of the fall semester. 
  • MATH 1324 requires: 
  • SAT Math score of 520, OR
  • ACT Math score of 21, OR
  • Pre-Calculus in high school, OR
  • Complete College Algebra at the college level
  • Calculus I Requires:
  • SAT Math score of 620, OR
  • ACT Math score of 27, OR
  • Calculus I in high school with a grade of A or B, OR
  • Completed Pre-Calculus or College Algebra & Trig at the college level
  • University Physics Requires:
  • Successful completion of Calculus I at the college level
  • NOTE: Students always have the option of continuing their educational goals at TAMUCC.



Dr. Patricia Hill, Director of Transfer Services

Office of Recruitment & Admissions


Phone: 361.825.5962