After you're admitted

Consider your options
Choosing the college or university that is right for you is no easy decision. There are so many factors to consider - how much it will cost, how far you'll be from home, the type of experience you want to have or degree you want to pursue. As you begin the selection process, we invite you to learn more about what A&M-Corpus Christi has to offer you.

Accept our offer of admission
If you choose to enroll at A&M-Corpus Christi - and we hope you do - there are several things you will need to address prior to your enrollment.

Decline admission
If you decide that another institution is a better fit for you, you can decline our offer of admission by completing our Change of Term/Admission Cancellation Form (see below) and submitting it to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions. NOTE: Submitting this form will only cancel your admission. Canceling other processes (financial aidscholarshipshousing) require separate processes. We kindly ask that you contact the appropriate offices to inquire about their cancellation procedures.

Defer admission for a later semester
Our offer of admission is good for up to one application year. So, if you are admitted for the fall semester, but cannot start until a later term, you have the option of changing your entry term to the following spring or summer semester. However, if you wish to enroll next fall or later, you would need to re-apply.

Changing your entry term is simple. Complete the proper sections of our Change of Term/Admission Cancellation Form (below), indicate which term you would like to transfer your admission to, and submit it to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions.

Change of Term/Admission Cancellation Form

Change of Term/Admission Cancellation Form

This form is to be completed by an applicant to change their term of entry, cancel their application for admission, or to decline our offer of admission.


Preparing for enrollment