Admission decisions

Making sense of your admission decision
Once we have evaluated your application for admission, the end result can be one of several outcomes.

Regular Freshman Admission
Obtaining automatic admission to the University holds no extra conditions for applicants, though additional requirements may exist for those pursuing certain degree programs.

You will still be required to meet TSI requirements and must attend a New Student Orientation prior to enrolling.

Alternative Freshman Admission
If granted alternative admission, you may be subject to specific enrollment conditions established by the UAC. These conditions may include enrolling in prescribed developmental course work, participating in tutoring sessions and other academic support activities, and meeting other conditions designed to promote academic success.

The decision of the UAC is final. Subsequent admission reviews will be conducted on a case-by-case basis contingent on the submission of new academic credentials that demonstrate your admissibility.

You will also be required to meet TSI requirements and must attend a New Student Orientation prior to enrolling.

Denial of admission
If you are denied admission, know that you still have some options. You can:

    • Appeal your decision - If you would like for us to reconsider your admission decision, you can submit an appeal to the Office of Recruitment and Admissions. Click here to learn more about this process.

    • Re-apply for a future term - Apply as a freshman again for a future semester. Just keep in mind: Unless you add new information to your application, decisions are typically consistent from one application cycle to the next.

    • Stay at your current institution and transfer later - Attend another institution for now and apply for transfer admission later. Learn how by clicking here.

  • Keep us in mind for the future - After you complete your undergraduate degree, consider applying to A&M-Corpus Christi to pursue one of our many graduate degrees.

Got questions?
If you have questions about your admission decision, please contact one of our Admissions Counselors for assistance.